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My publications are continuously audited and kept up-to-date on Google Scholar page. Additionally, a curated list of my publications is available on my ResearcherID page. Below is a list of publications, along with relevant information.

Additionally, a list of early publications on unity methods with pre-prints is available.


List of Recent Publications








  • J. Garzon, C.A. Duarte and W. Buttlar. Analysis of Reflective Cracks in Airfield Pavements Using a 3-D Generalized Finite Element Method. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 11(2):459-477, 2010. Pre-print.
  • P. O’Hara, C.A. Duarte and T. Eason. Investigation of Allowable Time-Step Sizes for Generalized Finite Element Analysis of the Transient Heat Equation. Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics, an International Journal, 3(3): 235-255, 2010. Pre-print.





Technical Reports

Book Chapters

  • Duarte, C.A., D.-J. Kim and I. Babuska, “A Global-Local Approach for the Construction of Enrichment Functions for the Generalized Fem and its Application to Three- Dimensional Cracks,” in Advances in Meshless Methods, (V.M.A. Leitao, C. J. S. Alves, and C.A. Duarte, eds.), Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, Springer, 2007.

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