Current Projects

  • Structural Sciences Collaborative Center II (AFRL)
  • Linking Solid and Dimensionally Reduced Models (AFRL)
  • Simulation of Multi-Scale Problems: An Improved Non-Intrusive Strategy Combining Standard and Generalized Finite Element Platforms (AFRL)
  • An Adaptive Multiscale Generalized Finite Element Method for Large Scale Simulations (AFOSR)
  • Three-Dimensional Interactions of Complex Crack Networks (ExxonMobil)

Previous Projects (partial list)

  • Testing, Modeling, and AE Crack Detection for FAA Reflective Cracking Study (FAA)
  • GOALI: Validated Multiscale Simulations of Ceramic Matrix Composites for Power Generation (NSF)
  • A Generalized Finite Element Method for Multiscale Simulations (AFOSR)
  • Non-Intrusive Implementation of Multiscale Capabilities in a General-Purpose FEA Platform (AFRL)
  • Development of New Methodologies for Mechanistic Design of Asphalt Overlays (FAA)
  • A Multiscale Approach for Near Surface Pavement Cracking and Failure Mechanisms (NEXTRANS – US DoT)
  • Thermo-Mechanical Effects of Spatially Localized Large Thermal Gradients on Aircraft Structures (AFRL)
  • Hp Adaptive Generalized FEM with “Face Offsetting” for 3D Crack Propagation and Branching (CSE-CSAR)
  • PAGFEM: Parallel Adaptive Generalized FEM for multiple interacting cracks (NCSA)
  • Multiscale Modeling and Analysis of Polycrystalline Materials (UIUC)
  • Dynamic crack propagation